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About Crystal and Graeme

OK. Some of you may know us already, some of you may not. So this is, we guess, for all of you. Or some of you. One of those, anyway. So let's start. Crystal and Graeme. Who the heck are they? Well, they've got three cats (fours if you count Crystal - more on that later), with all the four legged ones being street rescues of one kind or another. They live in New Brunswick in Canada, on three acres with the nearest grocery store about fifteen minutes drive away and the nearest large town about forty five minutes away. They're both retired from what some people call the 'real world', and building their own version day by day. You want more? OK 0 here goes :-).


If you know Myers Briggs, she's an ENFP. If you don't? Well, she's still an ENFP :-). Stealing from Forbes Health - Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving. Friendly, energetic, creative and innovative, ENFPs are known for their lively and outgoing nature and ability to connect with others on a deep level, and often described as creative and imaginative, with a talent for envisioning new possibilities. And that's Crystal. Her head is always full of a thousand bouncing bingo balls, each one an idea or a goal waiting to be identified, waiting to start, already in progress and another thousand other states. She's medically trained, has a history in shipping and logistics, is a great cook and baker, a crafter (woodworking, 3d printing, laser engraving and more on the way), an explorer, a fantastic driver (much better than Graeme), and isn't actually a human. She's really a cat living in a human body, so she's really good at 'act now, plan later!' :-). 


Ah. Right. Hmmmm. Maybe we should skip to the next page? Oh. I see. You're still here. Riiiiiight. So - here goes.

Graeme. Still on the Myers Briggs thing, he's an INTJ. Heck, every time he takes the tests again, just for fun, he's an even-more-INTJ. So what's an INTJ? Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging. Often described as logical, strategic and reflective, they are commonly known as planners who like a lot of structure in their lives. They have backup plans for their plans, and contingency plans for their backup plans. Oh, and if they're called Graeme, they like animals more than they like most people. Especially cats :-). He's also Aphantasic - which means he remembers numbers and words and patterns, but can't create pictures, smells or sounds in his waking brain. So if he's not looking right at her, don't ask him what Crystal looks like! He's a savoury cook (not a baker), a multi-published author and had a forty year history in Information Technology before he retired. Which means his first IT job had him lying on his back on the floor every morning, flipping DIP switches to boot up a DEC PDP 8, and he spent the next forty years trying to be one page ahead in the manual compared to some folk who wanted to pay him for what they thought he knew. He's into 3D printing, wants to get into 3D model design, into laser engraving, wants to learn to play keyboards, and he's not really human either. He's a dragon in a human body.

So there we are, and here we are too. Want to know more? Well, come on in!