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Laser cutter/ engraver - XTool S1

So. Laser engraving. Or laser cutting/ engraving/ Or laser cutting/ scoring/ engraving. Or all of the above, maybe? The answer is - quite possibly! We're really only on the beginning of our laser journey. But that picture up there is our laser. An XTool S1 20W diode laser. Which means it can cut/ engrave a range of materials - like wood, leather, paper, card stock, leather and PU leather, coated acrylic, glass (with some extra steps) and coated metal. Why coated? Well, it's all about the frequency of the laser and the reflective/ transparent quality of the material. So there are other materials we can't work with right now, like bare metals. But you can buy a different laser module for metals, and a more powerful 40W laser if you want to cut thicker materials.

So if we're beginning our journey (heh - watch this space, maybe?), how far have we travelled so far? Well, let's see...