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The Kitchen

Ah, the kitchen :-). We've said before, Crystal and I, and we'll definitely say it again - it's the place of our deepest intimacy. Yes, Jones Minor. I can see you sniggering at the back. See my after class. And we won't say Jones Minor is wrong - but we won't say he's right either. Because in this case, it's another kind of intimacy. It's a place where we connect, where we create, where we go places we've been before and make them into entirely different places - and where we go places we've never been, and find them amazingly familiar.

When Crys's Mother was staying with us for the first time, and she saw us together in the kitchen, while she watched from the lounge, she told us afterwards we dance. Not dancing as in left, two, three, right two, three. But dancing nonetheless. So even cooking something new, it's not lots of advance planning, and you-do-this-I'll-do-that. It's - well, it's dancing. Not many words, or a lot. Rhythm, weaving round each other, while never not touching, even if we're feet apart and there's nothing but air between us. We weigh - or we wing it. We cut, we dice, we chop, we mix - we dance.

See? Intimacy :-).

Here you'll find some of our recipes, and some of our make-it-up-as-we-go not-recipes. You'll find recipes we found elsewhere - and likely twisted and twirled, and occasionally just buggered up, and somehow managed to end up somewhere we'd never been before, but wanted to go again. We'll try and credit the ones we found elsewhere though :-).

So there it is, and here we are. The Kitchen. Intimacy. So come on in. Feel the rhythm - let's dance!